The Bays of Harris

Na Baigh

Our first call would be into the village of Direcleit which is from the Norse for ‘deer cliff’ where the ruins of blackhouse village can been seen on the shore. We then follow the shoreline round to Ceann Dibig (Kendebig) and to Aird Mhiabhaig (Meavaig) where there are a number of tobhtaichean. These are the ruins of the double-walled, round-cornered thatched houses often called ‘blackhouses’ due to the effects of the peat fires which burned constantly inside.
Tucked characteristically close to rock and shore, they were gradually replaced during the late 19th and early 20th centuries by single skinned structures with square corners which are often referred to as traditional croft houses.

These blackhouse villages which were occupied right down the entire East coast of Harris, were linked by the sea, not by road. The villages of Caolas Sgeire Buidhe, Port na Biorach at Plocrapol, Cathair na Cailleach, each with their own points of historical interest, are on our route which passes Loch an Uamh where a sea cave is said to run right across the width of Harris all the way to Losgantir.

Our tour continues to the picturesque village of Scadabaigh (Scadabay) and past to Mol Bàn which translates from Gaelic to ‘white shingle beach’. It is certainly clear how this small settlement, which has no road reaching it, got its name! We can only marvel at the work involved in building in this remote spot,and the contrast between the immaculately kept croft house and the remains of the earlier dwellings is a fitting place to end our tour of the beautiful Bays of Harris – Na Baigh.


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Ruined blackhouses
Mol Bàn

Bays of Harris Tour Schedule

Tour Duration – 4 hours
Cost – £70 adults – Children 14 and under £40
What’s included:Tea, coffee, soft drinks and home baking.

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Wildlife to look out for:

In the Sea

  • Minke Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Porpoise
  • Seals

In the Air

  • Kittiwakes
  • Guillemots
  • Razorbills
  • Golden Eagles
  • Sea Eagles

On the Shore

  • Puffins
  • Seals